Decor inspiration from Netflix

Ok, I love Netflix, and you probably do too. From Call the Midwife to The Crown (some of my favs), they have great series and movies.

But did you notice the art? Yes, the art!

It first caught my attention on Dead to Me, where Christina Applegate plays a real-estate agent in California.

She shows her clients’ state-of-the-art-mansions, which are ultra modern, mostly glass. But what jumped out at me was the artwork.

It seemed like every room had eye-catching abstract art. There’s a gorgeous blue painting in her kitchen, where much of the action takes place in Season 2.

I started looking for the artwork in other movies and series, and yep, it seemed like many series featured spectacular abstract artwork. These were statement pieces that took up a whole wall.

Now, you may not have a glass mansion in California. I don’t either. But what you can do, much more affordably, is buy a statement piece of art. And it doesn’t have to be room-sized either.

In fact, any piece of art that makes your heart leap a little, or gives you a moment of respite from your cares in the world – that’s art you should have.

It makes a statement for you, and that’s all that matters.

Spring Break

If you know the artist, you also know the story behind it, and that makes it more personal and meaningful to you – bringing you joy every day!

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