How to be an art collector and curator (yes, you!)

Are you curious or interested in collecting or having art in your home?

Maybe you have a few paintings, sculptures or craft items from your travels. Perhaps you’ve bought art at a gallery or street fair.

The process of collecting and curating becomes an ongoing pleasure in your life.

What exactly is curating?

A dictionary definition is: “to pull together, sift through and select for presentation.”

I recently attended an art lecture about curated art in public places.

The curators carefully group and select art that is part of a theme. It could be art from a specific time period, or a collection from one artist.

Did you ever think that you can do the same? For example, if you know you love landscapes, nature, colorful abstracts, or horses, you can look for artwork of that type when you travel, or online.

If you enjoy the work of an artist (I hope I’m one of them!) follow that artist to see what evolves.

Start a collection of mini paintings!

Most artists have new collections regularly or periodically. By being the first to know about new offerings, you can have a lovely curated area of your home from just one artist.

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Then you can create beautiful spaces in your home. Your home should bring you comfort and joy, and for me, bestowing my walls with art is the best way to do that!

Start your art collection here:

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