Baby Feet 👣 and Pastels

Baby feet and pastels – an unlikely pairing. But that’s the exciting time I experienced in late August and September (and the reason you haven’t heard from me in a while).

On August 23, my daughter, who lives in another city, gave birth to her first baby, a little boy – my treasured 3rd grandchild.

I cocooned with her for an intensive month of mommy and baby care, with very little time for me to paint.

There was no space to set up my acrylics. What to do?

I stumbled onto pastels. I’d always admired the glowing colors I’d seen other artists achieve. Plus they are small and easy to carry, with no water needed.

Figuring I could steal a few moments to myself, I jumped into exploring this new medium.

Here are a few of my early paintings. It’s the “birth” of a new medium for me.

Flower Burst
Autumn Dance

*These paintings and more new ones are available. Click here to view: Bewitched Collection.

What about you? What’s inspiring you to enliven your space? It doesn’t have to be as dramatic as a birth.

It could be a birthday or anniversary, or as simple as rearranging the furniture and finding a space that could use something beautiful to look at…

What’s next?

If you don’t have it already, get my guide: 5 STEPS TO DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH ART YOU LOVE, STRAIGHT FROM AN ARTIST

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More art news to come soon!



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