Original Art Makes a Bestselling Book Cover

Publishing a book is pretty competitive these days, and an eye-catching cover is vitally important to sales.  

If you are writing a book, think about your cover and how to make it stand out from the crowd. The cover is often the reason people pick up your book, or click the link, in the first place.

If you are not writing a book… here’s a special way you might end up being a bestselling author– keep reading!

I am thrilled to have The Wellness Universe purchase my art to use on the cover of their bestselling book: Complete Self-Care; 25 Tools for Stress Relief.

The official launch day is Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020, but sales began a few days before  and it’s already a bestseller.

Purchase your copy here at any time. It’s chock-full of information we all need these days to relieve stress!

Click here: The Wellness Universe Complete Guide to Self-Care 

My client, Melodie Billiot, used one of my paintings on her cover, and had an international bestseller. Your Hormones in Harmony (She has excellent content, so I’m not claiming that my cover was the reason for her bestseller, but it didn’t hurt!)

Consider purchasing an original piece of art for your cover.

Your cover will be unique, unlike any formulaic cover – and this can attract more eyes to your book, and more sales.

Find the perfect painting for your cover here: www.LyndaGoldmanFineArt.com

What if you’re not writing a book, but always wanted to?

I have the perfect solution!

Join The Wellness Universe, and be part of their next book. Instead of writing a whole book on your own, you can contribute a chapter, and you have a whole team of people at The Wellness Universe, to make sure it’s a bestseller.

Here’s what The Wellness Universe is all about (I’m a member, for sure!)

Are you making the world a better place one person or organization at a time, through your support and expertise in health, wellness and/or well-being? The Wellness Universe is the top resource for people seeking wellness, education and support on their journey. BE that resource for those seeking your support!

Basic membership is free, but the next tiers give you more benefits. Click here to  join: The Wellness Universe

Action steps:

  1. Choose original art here www.LyndaGoldmanFineArt.com  

2. Click here to buy your copy of The Wellness Universe Complete Guide to Self-Care

3. Join The Wellness Universe for all the benefits, including the opportunity to become part of a bestselling book.

4. If you don’t have it already, get my guide: 5 STEPS TO DECORATE YOUR HOME WITH ART YOU LOVE, STRAIGHT FROM AN ARTIST

More art news to come soon!


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