21 Days In My Art World

Being an artist can be lonely. Yet living in your own world is part of the richness of being an artist.

So I thought I would share my art world with you. I’m taking part in an Instagram challenge, 21 Days in My Art World, started by another artist. The idea was to connect artists, as well as potential collectors.

What follows are a few of the prompts, and the artwork I uploaded to Instagram.

I invite you to follow me on Instagram to see the whole journey, at www.instagram.com/lynda.goldman

Day 1: A favorite painting

We were invited to share a favourite painting. Purple Fling is one of my favorites from this year. I love the colors and shapes. It was a breakthrough painting, and I decided to keep it and not put it up for sale. It’s hanging in my bedroom now.

Purple Fling

Day 2: Lesson learned – take time to play!

Like most people in our culture, I was brought up to be productive, and playing seems like an indulgence.

But in art, it’s vitally important to play and explore. When I take time to play, I bring more intuitive knowledge to my canvases, and get a happier result. So that’s what these little studies are – pure play!

4 Play Pieces

Day 3: Latest Work in Progress

Everything is a work in progress – until it’s finished. This painting is called Blue Flight. It’s acrylic and ink on canvas, 16 inches by 20 inches.

This is part of a series I’m developing, exploring different colors, with similar shapes. What do you think?

Blue Flight

Day 7 Colour Palette

 For Day 7 we were invited to show a color palette that we use. I didn’t realize how much my palette is influenced by the seasons, but lately I found myself reaching for the colors I see outside my window: white from the snow, bare branches of delightful shapes, and bits of sap green and deep sienna, reflecting the evergreen trees and places where the earth peeks through.

I know my palette will evolve in spring, because I’m generally drawn to bright fresh colors, but these hues are calling to me now.

Do you change your home décor when the seasons change: cozy throw pillows in winter, lighter colors in spring and summer?

Winter Palette

Check out more of my art here: www.LyndaGoldmanFineArt.com

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