The Pantone Colors of 2021: A Message of Happiness for the Year

If you’re thinking of redecorating, or just giving your home a little lift, have you considered using the Pantone Colors of 2021?

Pantone is a company that defines and communicates information about color to industries around the world, including fashion and home décor. Their color choices influence color trends for the year.

Every year in December, they come out with the colors of the next year. For anyone who works with color, it’s said to be the most exciting day of the year.

I remember the little Pantone color booklet from my Fine Arts degree in university, many years ago – and still have it!

Ultimate Grey and Illuminating

This year, Pantone chose two colors that support each other: Ultimate Grey and Illuminating, a sunny yellow. These are colors that encapsulate both solidity and happiness.

Pantone describes Ultimate Grey as a color that quietly assures us, encouraging feelings of steadiness, composure, and resilience.

Illuminating radiates positivity, a cheerful yellow sparkling with vivacity.

That’s why I was inspired to paint these two new pieces for you.

Illuminate: 36 inches x 24 inches, acrylic on raw canvas

“Illuminate” is my larger painting, which would fit beautifully over a sofa, in a dining room, or a bedroom. I painted this with expressive brush strokes, and lots of fun details, including mysterious writing!

You can purchase this painting to illuminate any special place in your home. Click here to view: Illuminate

Wondering Out Loud, 16” x 20” x ½” deep, VERTICAL ACRYLIC ON CANVAS

“Wondering Out Loud” takes a playful attitude, as if you are wondering out loud – what’s next in a bright horizon? Enjoy the interplay of various shades of grey, with pops of yellow. The white patterns, dots and lines will keep you in a state of wonder.

You can purchase this painting to add a playful touch to any corner of your home. Click here: Wondering Out Loud

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