Joy in Bloom: The Budding of My Flower Collection

Flowers called me back, after a wonderful adventure in pure abstract painting for the past two years.

Why flowers?

Flowers have gorgeous shapes and lush colors that express an array of intense emotions, including happiness, joy, gratitude, peace, and love. 

Fresh flowers in a home are always uplifting, but are not always available. 

A painting of flowers is eternal; a burst of color and organic shapes to grace your walls long after the real petals have faded.

The budding of my “Joy in Bloom” collection

“Looking For You,” 20 x 16 inches, painted with love and acrylic on canvas.

In my “Joy in Bloom” collection, luminous hues and sensual shapes burst forth, evoking the essence of the blossoms.

The paintings are acrylics on canvas, ranging from 20 x 16 inches, to 36 x 24 inches (and soon, every larger!), offering you something for every space in your home.

“Once More with Feeling,” 20” x 20”, painted with love and acrylics on canvas.

The collection is on exhibit at DeSerres, a state-of-the-art store and art gallery in Montreal.

Studio Visits are Available!

Would you like a tour of my studio? If you live in or near Montreal and want to visit in person, please let me know. 

Online visits are just as wonderful. We can chat on Zoom about your home decor and see if one of my paintings can bring joy to your walls.

Check out more of my art here:

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Love and Blooms, 

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    Congrats Lynda!

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