My highest goal is to offer a moment of joy and beauty to the world, and to use a portion of my art sales to support women and children, and the environment.

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Author - Activist - Artist

All my life I’ve wanted to create things that are beautiful and interesting. Many of my happiest memories are the times I spent at fine arts camp as a teenager, and studying for my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, because my days were filled with painting and sculpting. 

But I knew those days were numbered because my parents had always urged me to become a lawyer, saying “artists can’t make a living.” 

I rebelled by studying art at university, but there were few job prospects after graduation. I taught crafts at a geriatric hospital, and did a stint in an art gallery. When my first daughter was born, I launched my own design business from home. It was successful, but I found it lonely in the house all the time with a toddler, so I went back to school. 

Lynda's story


I got a teaching degree and taught English at the university level, and was invited to write a book with a fellow teacher. 

I poured my creativity into writing 27 books with her. We were published by three major publishers, and had multiple bestsellers. I then wrote more books on my own, 44 in total. This led to my coaching clients to write wellness books, and publishing their books. 

I take great pride in the authors who published with my company, Wellness Ink, which put out over 30 wellness books into the world – helping countless people in untold ways. 


My family always inspired me to help make the world a better place. I remember my mother fighting for women’s rights in a group called The Voice of Women, and being head of STOP, an anti-pollution group. 

When my children were young, I gave talks to parents at their elementary school, about global warming and the hole in the ozone layer.

Now I am marching in the streets with my grown children and my grandchildren, part of the climate change movement. I also support causes that help women and children.


I’ve finally come full circle, and swapped my writer’s manuscripts for canvases and paint brushes. 

As an abstract artist, I’m attracted to luminous colors and lines. Playing with patterns and shapes is like a dance on paper or canvas. 

I paint smaller pieces in alcohol inks, which have vibrant colors and an unpredictable nature. I often layer designs and patterns on top, making each piece unique. 

Resin is the finishing touch to many pieces. It adds a brilliant shine, and intensifies the colors. But it’s very finicky to work with. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be wielding a blow torch (to remove the bubbles) and a power sander, or painting with a mask and gloves, but that's what you do for love! 

My larger paintings are acrylics and mixed media, such as pen, pastels, or even crayons. 

I use multiple layers, painting over and revealing sections in many steps, sometimes over days or even weeks. 

I actually dream in color after a day of painting!

What does this have to do with you?

Have you heard of Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” theory? 

It’s about surrounding yourself with objects and décor that inspire you and bring you joy. If my paintings can brighten your walls and bring you pleasure, I would be delighted and honored. 

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Art for a Cause

I also want to use this time in my life to give back. From my recent art show sales, I gave $500 to Nelson House, a women’s shelter for which my daughter Tara Berish is chair of the board. I will continue to donate a portion of my art sales to groups that help women and children, including Kiva which gives micro-loans to people starting businesses around the world. I love to support moms who can then support their daughters. 
I’m also passionate about supporting environmental groups that fight climate change, such as The David Suzuki Foundation, and Friends of the Earth. We all need a healthy planet for future generations.

So a portion of my art that you buy to grace your home, will also be played forward to make the world a little better, just as my mother always taught me. An inspiring thought, isn’t it?

Dawn to Dusk Collection
Treasure the moments of your life. This collection features bold and playful abstract elements to infuse your home with color and character.

Bewitched Collection
If you love shine surfaces, these bold abstracts will catch your eye - alcohol or acrylic inks on wood, with resin for a brilliant shine.

My Mini Collection is tiny art with a big heart. 5 x 5 inch paintings coated with resin for a brilliant finish to create your collection or give a unique gift.

Bold, playful abstracts to add to your collections…

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