Joy in Bloom: The Budding of My Flower Collection

Joy in Bloom is a collection of vibrant floral paintings, in glowing luminous colors.

Joy In Bloom

The Pantone Colors of 2021: A Message of Happiness for the Year

If you’re thinking of redecorating, or just giving your home a little lift, have you considered using the Pantone Colors of 2021? Pantone is a company that defines and communicates information about color to industries around the world, including fashion and home décor. Their color choices influence color trends for the year. Every year in […]

Dawn to Dusk

21 Days In My Art World

Being an artist can be lonely. Yet living in your own world is part of the richness of being an artist. So I thought I would share my art world with you. I’m taking part in an Instagram challenge, 21 Days in My Art World, started by another artist. The idea was to connect artists, […]

Instagram Challenge

🎨 Art Prints, Pillows and Phone Cases, Oh Yeah!

Art isn’t just for walls, although that’s a great place to put it! I recently discovered Fine Art America, and all the great ways to get my art out into the world. You can now get some of my most popular paintings in unique and affordable ways. Some of the paintings I uploaded have been […]

Fine Art America

Original Art Makes a Bestselling Book Cover

Publishing a book is pretty competitive these days, and an eye-catching cover is vitally important to sales.   If you are writing a book, think about your cover and how to make it stand out from the crowd. The cover is often the reason people pick up your book, or click the link, in the first […]

The Wellness Universe

Baby Feet 👣 and Pastels

Baby feet and pastels – an unlikely pairing.

Bewitched Collection

My painting process (which Lola could NOT do)

My granddaughter Lola loves to do “scribble scrabble,” defined as “when a person, usually a child, scribbles all over a sheet of paper randomly.” In my last email I talked about some famous abstract artists, and how they expressed human emotion. Joan Mitchel, one of the leading Abstract Expressionists, said: “I want to paint the feeling of […]

Dawn to Dusk

Why your 5-year-old could NOT have painted this

When you look at a yellow square glowing on a dark background, or see a profusion of scribbles, do you automatically think, “A child could do that?” Yes, a child could draw a square or circle, or boldly scribble with bright crayons. But could a child use different types of lines or shapes to take […]

Dawn to Dusk

How to be an art collector and curator (yes, you!)

Are you curious or interested in collecting or having art in your home? Maybe you have a few paintings, sculptures or craft items from your travels. Perhaps you’ve bought art at a gallery or street fair. The process of collecting and curating becomes an ongoing pleasure in your life. What exactly is curating? A dictionary […]

Mini Collection

Decor inspiration from Netflix

Ok, I love Netflix, and you probably do too. From Call the Midwife to The Crown (some of my favs), they have great series and movies. But did you notice the art? Yes, the art! It first caught my attention on Dead to Me, where Christina Applegate plays a real-estate agent in California. She shows […]

Dawn to Dusk