Book Covers

Are you writing a book, and looking for a special cover that will catch the eye of your ideal reader? Why not use original artwork to create a unique cover that will resonate with your audience. 

I am the official artist for The Wellness Universe, and my paintings are on the covers of their three bestselling books. More books with my paintings are in the works.

Melodie Billiot, a wellness provider, also chose one of my paintings for her book cover.  

How does it work? It’s very simple. You can buy the painting with the rights to reproduce it (a very nominal amount above the price of the painting), or just buy the licensing rights at a very moderate price. 

If you see a painting you like, just email me and we’ll discuss the best way for you to use it for your book cover!

Dawn to Dusk Collection
Treasure the moments of your life. This collection features bold and playful abstract elements to infuse your home with color and character.

My Mini Collection is tiny art with a big heart. 5 x 5 inch paintings coated with resin for a brilliant finish to create your collection or give a unique gift.

Joyful flower and abstract paintings that uplift your living space. 

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The Joy in Bloom collection is a celebration of flowers, which symbolize happiness, joy, and love.