Flowers called me back, after a wonderful adventure in pure abstract for the past two years.

Why flowers?

Flowers have an infinite range of glorious colours and shapes. They also symbolize an array of intense emotions, including happiness, joy, gratitude, and love.

Joy in 


Art for a Cause

A portion of the profit from these paintings will go to supporting women and children in need, including food banks.

What does this have to do with you?

Have you heard of Marie Kondo’s “Spark Joy” theory? 

It’s about surrounding yourself with objects and décor that inspire you and bring you joy. If my paintings can brighten your walls and bring you pleasure, I would be delighted and honored. 

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Dawn to Dusk Collection
Treasure the moments of your life. This collection features bold and playful abstract elements to infuse your home with color and character.

Joy in Bloom
coming soon!

My Mini Collection is tiny art with a big heart. 5 x 5 inch paintings coated with resin for a brilliant finish to create your collection or give a unique gift.

Bold playful abstracts to infuse your home with color and character.

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