Frequently Asked Questions

► Aren’t original paintings expensive?
Sure, there are famous artists who sell their art for a great deal of money, but when you discover an emerging artist like me, you can find beautiful original paintings for as little as $60. My medium sized to larger acrylics are also very affordable, at several hundred dollars instead of several thousand. Almost anyone who wants to own original fine art can find something they love. The value of working directly with the artist is that we can find the perfect piece for you, including arranging payments if that helps you. I even offer payment plans. I work with clients who make interest-free monthly payments at the amount of their choice. I send their painting once it’s paid in full. You can also save money on framing, (which often costs as much or more than the painting), because I use gallery-wrapped canvas or birch panel. The sides are finished, so they are ready to hang. 

► What art materials do you work with?
As a mixed media artist, I use a variety of materials. Trying out new art supplies is one of my greatest joys! My minis and smaller pieces are done with alcohol inks on Yupo, which is a synthetic paper. I adhere it to birchwood panels, and apply one or more coats of resin to create a brilliant shine. The resin also provides UV protection. The panels are ready to hang as is, because the sides are finished or left natural. You can choose to frame them if you wish. My larger paintings are mainly acrylics, but I may also add inks, pastels, or collage. They are on gallery wrapped canvas, which means the canvas wraps around the frame so you don’t need to frame them, although you can. I seal the paintings with UV protective varnish, or add resin to some of them. 
►Do you take commissions ?
Not at the moment, but possibly at a future date. However, I am happy to discuss what you’re looking for, and see what I can create for you (at no obligation). If you see something of mine that you like, and it’s sold, I can do something in the same spirit and color palette that will have a “similar” feel and composition. But again – it will be unique, because every piece is intuitive and spontaneous, with its own character. So I can’t guarantee what will emerge. If you like it, it’s yours. If not, that’s fine too!  

►Do you accept returns? 
Each painting has a description of the size and materials, and I do my best to represent the colors and details accurately. I handle the packing and shipping with care. My goal is for you to be thrilled with your purchase! For this reason, all sales are final except for extreme or unusual situations, such as damage during shipping. Please see shipping policies. Please note that color may vary slightly depending on your computer or device screen. If you are not sure, please check the artwork on another device before making the purchase. If you would like to see more photos of the artwork, or if you have any questions before buying a piece, please contact me.
► Who owns the painting? 
Purchasing the art grants you the right to display the painting as décor, both privately and in a business environment. The artwork may not be altered in any way. Reproductions cannot be made unless authorized by the artist. The artist holds copyright to the image of sold artwork and may use the image for prints, publication and or anything else. If my artwork ends up being reproduced in a magazine or other media, I only ask for credit. And congratulations! Your home must be beautiful, and I’d love to see a picture of my art on your wall.

► Do you work with interior designers?
Yes! I enjoy working with interior designers to find the right painting for each client. I love when my artwork lives in a beautiful room! Please contact me to discuss how I can help you.

► Do you work with galleries or stores? 
Yes! If you’re interested in carrying my work, I’d be delighted to discuss this further. Please contact me about representation, licensing, or wholesale opportunities.

► What is your privacy policy?
Your information is considered strictly confidential. I do not sell your name/contact information to any third party lists. Any information you receive from us, including newsletters and special offers is because you opted into our subscriber list. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Joyful flower and abstract paintings that uplift your living space. 

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The Joy in Bloom collection is a celebration of flowers, which symbolize happiness, joy, and love.